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Rapid weight loss diet program


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Online Programs

Complete our signature weight loss program in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace with our virtual video series

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Work with us

Meet virtually with our nutrition team for customization and accountability PLUS in person body scans to track your progress

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MCC Method

Safe and Simple

No pills, no starvation, no injections

Eat real food from your local grocery store

Meal plans are quick, easy and suitable for the whole family

Custom Diet Plans

Weight loss, sports performance, gut health, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, diabetes, cholesterol, allergies, food sensitivities, and customized for any diet preference

Expert Coaching

MCC programs have been helping hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds for over 20 years. Our expert team’s mission is to offer coaching that educates, motivates and keeps you accountable!

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MCC Team

Our program is delivered by a team of dietitians and nutritionists. Together we round table patient strategies, create new nutrition material, troubleshoot patient care needs and continue to learn the latest in nutrition technology. This synergized approach provides you with the best care and nutrition support!

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Work with us

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Your First Month

In-person body scan to measure fat and muscle PLUS an Education Session to learn the MCC signature diet. Followed by virtual weekly coaching sessions.

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Monthly Care

Weekly virtual coaching with an MCC nutritionist to ensure customization and accountability PLUS in-person body scan each month to track progress

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someone looking at a recipe on their mobile phone

Healthie APP

Our APP gives you the ability to text our nutrition team PLUS track your food, your weight and other health goals.

Online programs

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Here’s How it works

Pick from one of our online programs, both are designed to help you drop 10 pounds ...You will receive the diet material + recipes + video tutorial + credit for a virtual coaching call!

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This is a great jump start to your weight loss, Offering rapid results and very little kitchen prep time. You will have daily meal plans that require little to no cook time!

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This program is suited for dieter’s that want our team to do the thinking, you will receive daily meal plans, weekly grocery list all the recipes to make this simple!


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Weight loss that WORKS, Results that LAST...

Anna Lost 100 pounds

Anna before picture
anna after picture

ANTHONY Lost 50 pounds

Anthony before picture
Anthony after picture


Kristen Lost 40 pounds

Kristen before picture
kristen after picture

Jenn Lost 25 pounds

jenn before picture
Jenn after picture

desiree Lost 30 pounds

Desiree Before Picture
Desiree After Picture

andrea Lost 30 pounds

Andrea Before Picture
Andrea After Picture

anne Lost 25 pounds

Anne Before Picture
Anne After Picture

diane Lost 25 pounds

Diane Before Picture
Diane After Picture

cindy Lost 30 pounds

Cindy Before Picture
Cindy After Picture

hiba Lost 40 pounds

Hiba before Picture
Hiba after picture

dianna Lost 20 pounds

Dianna before picture
Dianna after picture

tatiana Lost 30 pounds

Tatiana before picture
Tatiana after picture

Mary Lost 20 pounds

MAry before picture
Mary after pciture

Laura Lost 25 pounds

Laura before picture
Laura after picture

pam Lost 40 pounds

Pam before picture
Pam after picture

LEAH Lost 30 pounds

Leah before picture
Leah after picture

NICole Lost 15 pounds

Nicole before picture
Nicole after picture

wid Lost 50 pounds

Wid before picture
Wid After picture

lynn Lost 25 pounds

Lynn before picture
Lynn after picture

karen Lost 30 pounds

Karen before picture
Karen after picture

suzanna Lost 25 pounds

Suzanna before picture
Suzanna after picture

john Lost 40 pounds

John before picture
John after picture

andrew Lost 50 pounds

Andrew before picture
Andrea After picture

joanne Lost 20 pounds

Joanne before picture
Joanne after picture

waleed Lost 20 pounds

Waleed before picture
Waleed after picture

lorraine Lost 40 pounds

Lorraine before picture
Lorraine after picture

lisa Lost 40 pounds

Lisa before picture
Lisa after picture

diane Lost 20 pounds

Diane before picture
Diane after picture


educate in 3

Blogs and Video tutorials in less than 3 minutes - learn fast, sound information from a trusted source

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